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Tiled Conservatory Roof Replacement

Convert your conservatory into a warm and welcoming extension to your home with an energy efficient tiled roof.

  • Reduced energy costs compared to a polycarbonate roof
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Enjoy a more consistent room temperature all year round
  • Can be fitted easily to your existing conservatory or a brand new conservatory
  • Solid roofs will keep your conservatory nice and cool on hot days, even in direct sunlight
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Conservatory Roof Replacement in Cornwall

Do you find your conservatory too warm in summer and too cold in winter? Fitting a warm, solid roof onto your conservatory can help you enjoy your conservatory all year round

Beautiful and Practical

If your conservatory roof is looking tired, has leaks or if you’re looking to make the temperature a bit more consistent, a solid conservatory roof is the perfect solution.

Rodda and Hockings solid roof replacement service offers the very latest in solid roof technology which is suitable for fitting on both new and old conservatories. The thermal technology in our roofs provides all year round comfort which will save you money on your energy bills as well as ensuring you and your family can use your conservatory in comfort all year round, effectively making it an extension to your home.

Read on to find out how a conservatory with a solid roof can offer you more than you thought a conservatory could.

Solid Warm Roof Conservatory

Benefits of a Warm, Solid Conservatory Roof

Save money on your energy bills

Our warm roofs use a weatherproof and insulated load bearing structural sheet which allows the use of less roofing bars which reduces weight, meaning it can be fitted to older structures and the insulation also improves energy efficiency, saving you money on your energy bills

10 years guarantee on all roof components

Using either a lightweight sheet for your outer finish of your new sunroom or a slate alternative you can rest assured that the product provides a better lifespan to a heavy alternative tile and is lighter than that of concrete or traditional slate.

More consistent room temperature

You and your family will be able to use the conservatory all year round with a more consistent temperate thanks to leading thermal technology. 

Prevent Leaks

Having a solid tiled roof will stop any leaks you may have with an old polycarbonate roof.

Reduces Outside Noise

Enjoy a quieter conservatory with less noise from wind and rain

Increase the Value of Your Home

Add more value to your property compared with a standard conservatory

Save Money On Your Energy Bills

Our warm solid conservatory roofs install in layers making them extremely energy efficient and also more environmentally friendly with a reduced carbon footprint.

With improved insulation this means your conservatory keeps more warm air in and prevents drastic temperature fluctuations.


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Installation is easy for new and older conservatories

Conservatory Roof Outer Boards

Read our blog post to see an example of how we replaced a glass conservatory roof with a new warm solid roof. Click here to see the process.

Our roofs can be fitted to a new conservatory or can also be fitted to replace an old polycarbonate conservatory roof. 

Rodda and Hocking are certified suppliers and installers of the brand new Leka roofing systems, a revolution in home improvement which provides owners of old, tired and energy in-efficient polycarbonate conservatory roofs with a brand new solid roof, which transforms conservatories into energy efficient, all year round living spaces which resist drastic temperature fluctuations.

Our solid roofing solution has been designed to be installed as a retro fit onto your existing conservatory frame, or alternatively, we can build you a brand new conservatory with solid roof from scratch , should you wish to take full advantage of this new technology.

What About Planning and Regulations?

Local councils now require building control certification for all replacement conservatory roofs, this apply for this it can typically cost a home owner in excess of £400, not to mention the head ache of the application.

However, you need not to worry about any of this, as Rodda and Hocking offer full local authority building control certification as part of our service, meaning you don't have to worry with the stress and inconvenience of installing a new solid roof. Rodda and Hocking will handle all of the building control certification process on your behalf.

When you choose Rodda & Hocking to install your new solid conservatory roof, you can rest assured that your new roofing system is constructed to the most stringent requirements (JHAI Certification).

Why Rodda and Hocking?

Nominated by The Glass and Glazing Federation In 2012 and in 2015 for the prestigious title of Conservatory installer of the year award. Rodda and Hocking really are the company to transform your tired conservatory into a year round fully useable extension to your home.

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