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‘Purr’fectly Prepared, Whatever the Weather!

There’s no time wasted when it comes to a quick online quote from Rodda & Hocking We are experts when it comes to making your home energy efficient, with draft free windows and doors – keeping your home cosy throughout the winter, and cool during the summer. If you would like your home to be ‘purr’fectly prepared, […]

A Sophisticated Selection of Windows and Doors

Your feline friend will be delighted at the prospect of meeting someone as sophisticated as our style experts! Rodda & Hocking offer a splendid selection of windows and doors to suit your home, plus we offer a free cat flap for your furry friend! Get A Quote Today­

Experts in Making Your Home a More Cosy One

In the bleak mid winter, your furry friends are most likely glad of a warm place to call home. Rodda & Hocking are the experts when it comes to making your home a more cosy one; energy efficient, draft free, triple sealed, you name it – we’ve got it! We can ensure your home is kept cosy […]

Don’t Let a Draft Get in the Way of Your Pets Nap Schedule!

One hates a draft, especially when it gets in the way of your furry friends nap schedule! Delight your pet at the prospect of snoozing behind triple sealed doors, the ultimate in weather protection from Rodda & Hocking. Now they can nap draft free all year round and you can enjoy lower heating bills. We even offer a free […]

Heating Bills Too Much? Get a Free Windows and Doors Health Check

Fellow Felines… Are Your Humans Wasting Too Much Energy? The best thing for saving energy, besides a nap of course, is ensuring your home has energy efficient windows and doors. Installing energy efficient, draft free, triple sealed doors can bring your humans heating bills down whilst making your home warmer. Something your human will certainly […]